Compilation - Mega Drive


Compiled by Twisted Reaction.Geomagnetic Israel has the pleasure of presenting to you a compilation featuring 11 tracks from the 'Mega Drive' of Twisted Reaction.
Abomination and Painkiller get their 'Distorting Substance' reacted and twisted by Twisted Reaction. Tube sends us the most important message about 'The Power of Love' we all need. Blazed, the project of Twisted Reaction and Zorflux remix our brains with the 'Frequency Notes' of Menog. When Dj's listen though this cd they will know how to 'Control The Beat' thanks to Psychotic Micro creating a killer trip with Echo Logic. When you feel like you want to 'Crash' around on the dance floor then Shift has laid down just the smasher for that. We find out how the 'Heart And Mind' is effected by listening to the music from the hearts and minds of Hux Flux, Cortex and Itai. In the middle of the cd Twisted Reaction asks us 'What's Going On Here?' we answer, 'dancing!' When reach a full trance you know 'Things Will Be Different' AntiGravity and Substance help you gain that knowledge. Taking us out to the wilds of 'Neo' Israel, Udi Pilo gets his first Geomagnetic release. There's no doubting that Noize Hunter knows how to get us all 'Wired' into his new hit sound. Then there was an ending track to this full-power journey the 'Annihilating Rhythm' of Twisted Reaction of Gab-E-Motion to be played at all parties.


1. Distorting Substance - (Twisted Reaction rmx)ABOMINATION VS PAINKILLER 
2. The power of love - TUBE 
3. Frequency Notes - (Blazed rmx)MENOG 
4. Control the beat - PSYCHOTIC MICRO VS ECHO LOGIC 
5. Crash - SHIFT 
6. Heart and Mind - HUX FLUX, CORTEX, ITAI 
7. What's going on here? - TWISTED REACTION 
8. Things will be different - ANTIGRAVITY AND SUBSTANCE 
10. Wired - NOIZE HUNTER 
11. Annihilating Rhythm - TWISTED REACTION VS GAB-E-MOTION