Compilation - Mechanics Of Awakening


Nomolos aka Yair Solomon is the Israeli representative for Zenon Records.On his debut compilation he explores the darker, tech-trance side of Zenon.
These 9 fresh tracks will satisfy your cravings for deep journeys and cold loopy grooves. Step into his world and lose yourself yourself in a mind grinding, mechanical universe, the 'Mechanics of Awakening'.


1. There will be mud - SENSIENT2. Sellafield 2 - CUJORIUS ONE3. Log in to play - OPSY4. Lezzo haircut for Jesse - HEFTY OUTPUT5. W.S Burroughs Lesson N 13 - HYPOGEO6. Bunch of crunch - COLD PROJECT7. Minimalisticism - ONE TASTY MORSEL8. Decent Dosed - SONIC TICKLE9. Good Morning - PRODUCT PLACEMENT