Compilation - Massive Passive Vol 2 (CD)


Compilation - Massive Passive Vol 2 (CD) Tactic Records is back, with the second, mega blasting, chapter of the 'Massive Passive' compilation series, named 'The Attack'.'Massive Passive' The Attack, crosses borders, combines a mixture of varied styles, ranging from funky psychedelic trance moving up into Emotional Melodic Full On, with clearly influence from a wide range of musical expressions, resulting in a unique sound that can be best describe 'Tactic's' trademarked sound.
'Massive Passive' Vol.2, contains, a very interesting track list, from a roaster of well established and talented new artists side by side.

Artists, such as Silent Scream, Unique, Mahamudra, Tactic Mind, Toxical, INsomnia, Phobia, Digital Tribe, and more.

Tactic Records is ready for another attack on the dancefloor.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/43

1. Gold Rush - Silent Scream
2. Happy Hour - Unique, X-Mode, Fullcrash
3. Between Us - Mahamudra, Toxical
4. Birth - Tactic Mind, M.G.M
5. Innervoice - Toxical, Insomnia
6. Turbulence - Phobia
7. Evoice (Tactic Mind Rmx) - Digital Tribe, Red Sun
8. No Secret - Unique
9. Self Inspection - Phobia, Liroy