Compilation - Manga Vol 3


Compiled by Yuji.Yabai Records stared their carrier from 2005. The Label is established by four people. Yuji organises the party called Fixx in Osaka, Atom organises the party called Cosmic Baby in Osaka, K-2-Y organises party called Saike Project in Shikoku and O-Chang creates graphic design for advertisement for club event for long time.


1. A long time ago - PHATMATIX 
2. U.F.O - B-55 
3. Clean page panic - DAMAGE AND ORCA 
4. Dude Rude - BLISS VS BRAVE 
5. The Moment - A-TEAM 
6. Freaky Boyz - MESMERIZER 
7. A man on acid - AZAX BLISS 
8. Dangerous - BRAIN HUNTERS 
9. Final Line - TOXIC