Compilation - Magnum Opus (CD)


Compilation - Magnum Opus (CD) The Tantrumm team has extracted the nectar of raw psychedelic substances from some of the best trance alchemists on the scene. Each piece has been distilled in the murky depths of our sub- terrainian factory, etched, polished and processed for your listening pleasure. Witness Chaos and Order intertwine in a ritualistic dance as each of our featured artists leave a masterpiece on the sonic altar.
Turbulent and relentless, Magnum Opus is a rag tag pack of vastly different musical beasts wrangled together into a single tidal wave that tells a tale of Love and Creation. Tending towards the emotional aspect, tailored to appease the Lunar Channels of the soul, Magnum Opus is a Musical Homage that transcends dance.

A complex audible tapestry that twists and weaves on the edges of perception, taunting the senses...

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/49

1. Morning Rhapsody (Night Of The Lunar Eclipse) - Someone I Know
2. Radical Sense - Madness Increazzed
3. Intoxication - Phobos Azazel
4. Change The World (If You Can) - Gorump Peyya
5. As Above So Below - Sectio Aurea
6. Melancholic Design - Glosolalia
7. Psidm Powered More - Furious
8. Only Wish To Warn You - Magnum Opus (Psykovsky, Orestis, Kindzadza, Drury Nevil)