Compilation - Magnate


Compiled by Stratil.This progressive journey contains ten mystical and powerful progressive tracks with different styles, beginning with atmospheric and groovy stories and ending with some powerfull tracks, perfect for the dance floor.
Ivan Meyer aka Stratil dedicates this compilation to the memory of a special friend of the Uxmal Records team, Emiliano Cecena Torres aka Dj Magnate, thanks for all the happiness and knowledge you brought to all of us.


1. Wave Injection - HUTTEN 
2. Welcome - MOONTALES 
3. Jazz the C'Quence - JOE CHARLIE, SINK THE PINK 
4. Burn in dreams - SUBATOMIC 
5. Fly Trap - (Illegal Substances, Enarxis rmx)ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES 
6. Inner Shelter - ODD SEQUENCE 
7. On Demand - STRATIL 
8. Under the surface - NAES 
9. Normalized Reality - SYNESTHETIC PULSE 
10. Pigs doesn't get in - I-DROP