Compilation - Made Of Dawn (CD)


Compilation - Made Of Dawn (CD) Sunrise from east, wind grows from the grassfields.Once in life, i think, a human being should focus with all his inner spirit on a familiar land. He should let himself go completely, to a land that he knows and contemplate it from many sides, as much as he's able to.He should stop and be astonished in front of it.Wondering, he should touch it carefully in every season, and take inside every sound. He should think about its creatures, and feel every breath of wind flowing, awaking inside the radiant memory of the noon light, the uncountable colours of the twilight, of the sunrise, and the obscurity of the evening.
'Made of Dawn' is the soundtrack for these words, thanks to the magic that these incredible musicians did with music.A whole new fresh journey to warm the feelings, with a free bonus track gift inside the package. With an ecological digipack, we respect nature needs, with intelligent music we feed inner needs.


1. A Monkey - LEMON TREE 
2. The time of fire - HIBERNATION 
3. Across and up - SNAKESTYLE 
4. Sympathetic Resonance - PUFF DRAGON 
5. From Nowhere - KICK BONG 
7. Harmonia - (Chromidome rmx)PITCH BLACK 
8. Slowpoke Pinoke - BEAT BIZARRE 
9. Stormekanika - YESTEGAN CHAY 
10. Another time, another place - PINEAL