Compilation - Macro Space (CD)


Compilation - Macro Space (CD) Swiss based label Audioalchemists is proud to present the next chapter in his history: Macro Space!

Label Dj Omline has collected again nine tracks from 8 countries in one Macro Space. Melodic, psychedelic and progressive are the adjectivs for the newest Audioalchemists compilation.

Abstract Sunrise from Brasil, Cabal and Automatic Choice from Italy, Tony Voyeur from Switzerland, Sense from South Africa and the label artists Adda and Astralis from Switzerland have created the tracks for your dancing pleasure. The compilation will be complete with two remixes: Ritmo's well known 'Disarmonic Silence', remixed by the Mexican guys Inference and Dj Dave, and last but not least a wonderfull version of Zice's 'Sector', remixed by Connexx from the north of Germany.

This record contains the perfect soundtrack for your morning dance ritual on the dancefloor.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Jul. 2009/31

2. First Lesson - CABAL
3. Colonist - ASTRALIS
4. Dance in the rain - ADDA
5. Massive Story - AUTOMATIC CHOICE
6. Global Settings - TONY VOYEUR
7. Revolution - SENSE
8. Disharmonic Silence - (Inference vs Dave rmx)RITMO
9. Sector - (Connexx rmx)ZYCE