Compilation - Louves


With our 4th release 'Louves', we ask you to join us inhonoring the spirit of the feminine divine.Let the the unique and powerful talents of Kala and Nasha from France, Yara of Venezuela, and Labrini of Greece take you beyond moments, beyond time, beyond thoughts of male and female or any other illusory versions of separation with a 10 track trip!
Pretested under a full spectrum of conditions, feedback has been unanimous. This is a remarkably cohesive story, just 'follow the flow'. From Kala's trademark twisted style to Yara's highly original headtrips to Labrini's richly psychedelic and unmistakably Greek style stories and closing out with Nasha's special vibe.

The CD packaging is a special treat: a 16 page booklet of Louves-inspired artwork, a fusion of sand- and hand-painting, made by artists who are not only globally recognized for their talent but also dear family members.


1. Psyche Mind - TWISTED KALA 
2. Summer Groove - TWISTED KALA 
3. Follow the flow - TWISTED KALA 
4. Sorte - YARA 
5. There is someone - YARA 
6. What's Happening - YARA 
7. Midnight Expressions - LABRINI 
8. Side Effect - LABRINI 
9. Pitch go up - NASHA 
10. Isthar - NASHA