Compilation - Looney Mood (CD)


Looney Moon strikes back and they do it in a Looney Mood, a visionary, irrational state of mind led astray by music. To get this to you we selected Italian 'Looney Moon' artists and a chosen handful of foreign producers. EVP, Xpiral and Bombax all joined us in this new psychedelic journey. This release continues the quest for a mind blasting, well recognizable sound destined to become more widely known and understood all over this 'third rock from the sun' which we're all living on. Our aim is to build overwhelming rhythms for dance floor nights and dawn endings. In these hours, the psychedelic underground energy of Looney Moon Productions is a wicked pathfinder into the eternal journey from night to light. Strong pumping basslines are melted at high temperatures in full underground style with intelligent melodies to create a unique blasting experience which will blow your mind out of your skull.
We hope that this colourful array of music will put you in the right Mood!


1. Koala - DUST2. Hornythology - ASSIOMA VS DUST (FOAM)3. Two O Ten - PHASE4. Perpendiculare Distortion - XPIRAL AND WHIPTONGUE5. Samba From Mars - WHIPTONGUE6. Brain Pollution - ASSIOMA7. Nineteenfourty - DUST SIGNAL8. Universal Language - GHOST SIGNAL AND EVP9. Wtfay - DUST, PEACE-KA AND XABMOB10. Magnetic Brain - NUKLEALL