Compilation - Liquid Legacy


'Liquid Legacy' is the most recent state of the psy trance music production made by some of the most active artists on the scene today and goes strait to the dancefloors with a unique and fresh driving fullon psychedelia.
Featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks by some of our label artists such as Sidhartha, Khopat, Tryon, Karmacrop, Alienn, Spector we also feature some of our favourites artists today...

This music will melt and merge you with the liquid legacy and transport you into the deepness of cosmic aweareness...


1. Liquid Legacy - SIDHARTHA VS ALIENN2. Explain Yourself - KARMACROP VS GEKO3. Full Encoding - KHOPAT4. Power of the fear - SPECTOR VS NEUROTRONIK5. Resonance - TRYON6. Omniverse - SIDHARTHA7. Train your brain - KLACID8. Personal Decisions - D-MANIAC9. Clone Wars Nature - DISASTER VS SHADDAI10. The Trip - MAGNETO VS BRAINWASH