Compilation - Kubensia Vol 2 (CD)


Compilation - Kubensia Vol 2 (CD) Warp Brain Records presents Kubensia Volume 2.This compilation was designed to lift your senses to high skies. Musical adventures from different parts of the world come together and create an intense awakening of the vital vibes. Rhythm and sounds to bounce your body as you dance to the grooves of this spectacular selection of rising names and more veteran producers as they connect their mind and soul in their studios to bring to light a special and unique journey.
Bringing you this sequel to Kubensia (Cubensis). The world of magical mysteries in the spiritual journey to the known and the unknown.


1. Heofonrices Weard - (Green Cosmos RMX)ENERTOPIA 
2. Psychedelic Sixti - GENETIC PROCESS 
3. Digital Delirium - GREEN COSMOS 
4. Littlzis - GOE 
5. Cheese Factory - JUSTINCASEBOY 
6. Mental Universe - ENDEAVOUR VS ENERTOPIA 
7. Haphaz - OVERDREAM 
8. Synthetic Future - ZEROHOUR 
9. Cannibals - SUNBURN