Compilation - Kosmics Playground (CD)


Compiled by QueroxProg On Syndicate, one of the strongest newcomer labels in the past. This year it is proud to announce 'Kosmics Playground'.
The head of Prog On Syndicate, Tobyjas Zaslon Schiermeier aka. Querox, has assembled another musical work, by many different nations. 'Kosmic Playground' presents progressive trance with an excellent variety. Music at the highest level of production, between double and triple bass groove, together with a clear noted 'offbeat'. Artists are responsible as Infinity from Greece, Elfo from Italy, Time Stretch from Greece, and Querox himself. In the Groove bass Area the artists from the Balkans, are giving the honor. The partnerlabel of Prog On Syndicate is the Tesseract Studio from Serbia. Here Flegma and Nerso, Zyce and Talpa, Vertex, E - Clip and Sideform present fat baselines and an excellent sound closely followed by one of our newcomers from the Balkans, 'Monod'.

With melodies that are reaching to heaven and the grooves which twist the synapses, we look forward to a progressive summer...


1. Expect No Less - MONOD 
2. Synthetic Life - E-CLIP 
3. Sub Motion - INFINITY 
4. Are on the sky - ELFO 
5. Desire - TIME STRETCH 
6. The girl stuff - QUEROX 
7. Obsidian - FLEGMA AND NERSO 
8. Dark Light - SIDEFORM 
9. Prosperity - ZYCE AND TALPA 
10. Present - VERTEX