Compilation - June (CD)


Compilation - June (CD) Doof Records are back with another psycho compilation which will justify your investment in that wicked bass sound system you bought.
'June is a loop-hole into summer that is going to heat up your guts and rock your soul. This psychedelic brew will bring the great outdoors anywhere it's played, with full energy tracks crafted by some of the greatest psychedelic minds on the scene.

On this compilation you meet old known Doof masters like: Entropy, Double REL, Cactus, Rev, Zirkin and Orca with a surprising guest; Dust These wizards of psy unite forces to create a digital collision of sound bringing each his unique color to this magical piece of plastic.

We spread our vibes over the globe and you get ready to scratch your mind on the dancefloor and smile.


1. Disco Plat - REV 
2. Breath - CACTUS 
3. Bit Box - ENTROPY 
4. Ctrl Alt Ketch - DUST 
5. Policemen - EVERGREEN 
6. Lamp in swamp - TERRANOISE 
7. Back to the roots - DOUBLE R.E.L 
8. Sad Movies - ORCA 
9. Shacks and Toni - ZODIAC YOUTH