Compilation - Italian Instigators Part 01 (CD)


Compilation - Italian Instigators Part 01 (CD) Compiled by Dj ShawnodeseAfter the spontaneous worldwide global magnetic reversal and the planet's population turning into a transcendental state of total bliss and euphoria as a response to our latest release Stereographic vs. Smoke Ship 'Audio Acupuncture', we thought now is the right time to serve up another juicy fresh treat from the Mind Funk fridge to all of ya out there, so prepare for 'Italian Instigators', the next chapter in the Mind Funk saga.
This brain-cell bubbling collection of handpicked shiny psy-cherries is selected for all of ya nutters out there by no one less than our label head-honcho, the unstoppable, mind boggling, kneecap cracking and laser-beam boogying: DJ Shawnodese. Never ending nocturnal digital adventures brought him in touch with the Parmesan Peace Punks, a secret gang of pizza loving freakoids that fear no evil and show no mercy with their relentless sonic sound clusters. A mob of Italy's most feared and skilled sonic Mafioso joined forces and oh boy, have they managed to cook and boil us some ultra-sonic spicy tunage. Starting off with a proper warning shot and building up to the strength of a nuclear explosion, this compilation CD is one tough cookie to digest and is bound to rip your gut wide open and turn your intestines inside out. Do not fear when your buttocks spontaneously combust and your ass suddenly shifts into 5th gear, cause it's all part of the master plan.


1. Waves from the Alien Cowboy - NUKLEALL 
2. Sugnass - PHASE 
3. Holy Shit - DUST VS KANYON 
4. Bio Control - MOLE 
5. Chapora Hooligans - SPACE JAM 
6. Drug Controllers - PEACE KA 
7. Admoniacation - MOTABA 
8. Direction Tel-Aviv - LENZ VS KYKEON 
9. Illegal Planet - ACID FOAM