Compilation - Innerself (CD)


Compilation - Innerself (CD) Mysterious atmospheres, fat beats and a great amount of psychedelia for the night.This is what you can expect from Innerself, the second compilation brought to you by Mind Tweakers Records.
This time, the focus is on the dark side of progressive trance. Deep groovy psychedelic trance to be played beyond the dusk. Through the last year a lot of work has been done to select the best of exotic progressive trance music, always with deep sonorities.

Mind Tweakers presents eleven masterpieces directly from insane minds of Brazil, Israel, Australia and Hungary, ready to take you through the mental levels and bring you face to face to your innerself. Compiled by Onionbrain.

Are you ready?'


1. Into the black hole - ONIONBRAIN 
2. 3d Confusion - ZARTROX 
3. Dead man's blues - (Inner Edit)KALUMET 
4. Old Stuff - ZINOMED 
5. Lost - (2009 Chapuza Edit)MINIMAL MONSTER 
6. How is the question! - BEZOAR VS DISFUNCTION 
7. Dark night of the soul - HEDONIX 
8. Everyone - DISFUNCTION 
9. Freak Cyborg - WOOGIE BOOGIE 
10. Service 3 Lord! - MEGIDDO11. Green Worm - (The last of species rmx)ONIONBRAIN