Compilation - Indian Spirit Festival (CD)


Official Festival Compilation 2010.Though not being situated on a palm-lined beach in Goa, Indian Spirit festival still lives up to its name: Long-established among the major Trance festivals in North Germany, it represents a very contemporary form of that legendary spirit from those parties in West India around 20 years ago.
So again a pretty complete gathering of modern Psy Trance culture awaits the visitors from 2nd to 6th September. Having grown and evolved for more than a decade now, a stunning synergy of arts, aesthetics, entertainment technology and various other sources of enjoyment and comfort has been achieved at this open air. But in the actual centre of all of these, there is another thing of course and the available compilation gives an inspiring foretaste of it: The music.

Representing up-to-date open air culture just like the festival itself, the 9 tracks included on this release come along with a mighty portion of sunlit Progressive bounce, waking associations of a tender summer breeze cooling the sweat on naked skin while being surrounded by the smile of many beautiful people. This is Indian Spirit!


1. Macro Control - VAISHIYAS 
2. Pure Imagination - AQUAFEEL 
3. Hypnotic Energy - LIQUID SOUL 
4. People of the Dawn - (ARW rmx)SYMPHONIX 
5. Meteor - (Slackjoint rmx)ELECTRIC UNIVERSE 
6. Freq Box - (Midimal rmx)SYMPHONIX 
7. Lets Dance - JISER 
9. Running Away - LISH