Compilation - Incoming Voice


Compiled by Hi Profile.There is nothing we appreciate more besides good music than contributing to a greater cause.
Hi Profile and Phoenix Groove Records have gathered together some of the finest artists from their roster to create one of the most important VA's to date.

Presenting a combination of our full potential and energy, this package will have a huge impact for two very significant reasons. The first is simple; it will offer nothing less than high-resolution audio cuts to entertain, filled with blissful moments and joy. Secondly, we felt that there is no better way to embrace this New Year than to donate all of the royalties gained from this particular release to Ag.Paraskevi's Special School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Since we are all still basically children at heart, we wanted to portray the selfless and carefree attitude of children through our music. This is an idea that we have had since day one, and now that the Phoenix is in full flight, we can think of no better time to act upon it.

You can expect the same dynamic and alluring quality of our past material blended with fresh techniques and ideas. We hope that through our music it will be clear that we take the profound example of this Special School very seriously.

Like they say, school is an oasis of knowledge and experience, and we think and feel the same about Phoenix. Therefore, we simply couldn't resist combining these two wonderful ideas. After all, to embrace life under difficult circumstances is the first step to true living.

And that is what it's all about


1. The powers that be - INNER STATE 
2. The Last Episode - PROGENITOR 
3. Strange Personality - HI PROFILE 
4. Everlasting - SENSOGRAM 
5. Never is a long time - (feat MedRek)MR.SUSPECT 
6. Circles - (Loopstep rmx)PROGENITOR 
8. Err or Her - (Mr.Suspect rmx)HI PROFILE 
9. Make my blood ink - (feat Melet)NIKO S ECHO