Compilation - Imaginary Friends (CD)


Compilation - Imaginary Friends (CD) Audio Poetry collected by Nova. Nova honours the legacy of 2005 Albedo with another outstanding narrative-driven compilation showcasing more intimate yet intriguing fresh sounds. 'Imaginary Friends' features a melange of styles, different facets of ambient electronica infused with neo-classical moods, acoustic sensibilities, epic melodies and impressionistic textures and tempos for a vibrant and overall warm feel.
As always emphasis was put on gathering original and tailor-made compositions from a variety of well-known artists on Ultimae and interesting newcomers such as Murya from Iceland, offthesky from the US, to create a musical palette that shares Nova's own eclectic and unconventional vision.

'With Imaginary Friends I've wanted to speak about solitude but not seen as alienation, disillusionment or isolationism. Loneliness somehow involves the release of human spirit and the consequent building of a new paradigm.

Personal moments, like to plug in a pair of headphones and go for a walk in a park, sitting in a cafA watching passers by or when writing a poem. Poetry is not a simple form of art, no matter what language is. It requires some skill, a bit of logic, and lots of heart: it's about intensity, like ambient music.'

The Imaginary Friends are Field Rotation (Germany), Kevin Andrew (Indiana), Rena Jones and Nalepa (Oregon and California), offthesky (Kentucky), Murya (Iceland), Cell (France), Aes Dana (France), Hol Baumann (France), Asura (France), Solar Fields (Sweden) and James Murray (England).

This Audio Poetry mastered by Vincent Villuis comes with 3 parts digipack and 16 pages booklet presenting original pictures from Stefano Terranova, Maya Berthou, Ysabelle Gomez and poems from Nova.


1. Regenzeit II - FIELD ROTATION 
2. Three Weeks - KEVIN ANDREW 
3. Photosynthesis (Nalepa rmx) - RENA JONES 
4. Gently, drown the scene - OFFTHESKY 
5. Gray Daze - MURYA 
6. Out of breath - CELL 
7. Resin - AES DANA 
8. Handwritten Notes - HOL BAUMANN 
9. Longing for silence - ASURA 
10. Times are good (Sometimes rmx) - SOLAR FIELDS 
11. Eleven (Decades mix) - JAMES MURRAY