Compilation - Igra Drijada (CD)


Compilation - Igra Drijada (CD) 'Igra Drijada represents a ritual and magic nymphs rite. The Drijades are special group of the nymphs. They are living very long time, different from the other species which have lived in oak trees and dying together with and they belongs to the quite widely circle of the female deity, to the spirits of nature.
Frequently, they are connected with fertility, tree growing and the water. Drijades are not an immortal but they are living very long and they have behaving very kindly with people.

Drijada represents a powerful goddess of the wood and the master of the wild animals.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. Transkillecha - Technical Hitch
2. Ctakob - Druc Drac
3. Ego Higfters - Peletorpation
4. Is Eating Strudla On Miloshev's Funeral - Jesus Raves
5. Inside Machine - Ka-Sol
6. You Got Wires - Mussy Moody
7. Mr. Miloshev Is Dead - Tree Nymphs
8. Transient - Distorted Goblin
9. Szelkiraly - Tree Nymphs
10. Dance Of The Bumble Bees (Haunted Castle Rmx) - Sectio Aurea