Compilation - Hypnotic Waveforms (CD)


Compilation - Hypnotic Waveforms (CD) Tremors Underground wants to pull the rug off your feet and make u all fall down hard to the underground, where awaits u the mind-numbing experience of hypnotic basslines and soul- shattering soundscapes.

This 9 track power-packed Cd accumulates the freshest compositions created by crazy audio mutants that have been delivering some of the most intense psychedelic track to the scene since quite a while now.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Apr. 2009/18

1. We dont really exist - KEROSENE CLUB VS SAMADHI
2. Night Projection - PARANOIZE
3. Extinction - MAGMA OHM
4. Disturbed Galaxy - (Silent Horror rmx)CLAW
5. Bottlewash - ECTOGASMICS
6. Evil Synth - SILENT HORROR
7. Day bye day - FATAL DISCORD
8. Dangerous Mind rmx - POLYKAOS
9. Black Cat - DARK ELF