Compilation - Hybrid Rebirth


Compiled by Dj Matt and Overtones.'Hybrid Rebirth' is a collabortated effort from Digital Distortion Records and Hybrid UV Records.
The compilation borders on the twilightish, neo full on hemispheres of the psychedelic dance genre. T he gathering of artists like Evp, Rabdom L, Karma corp, Tryon, 2012, Overtonez, Fibre Stomp, Archaic, Shift, Earworm, Antispin guarantees an experience of liberating yourself from the complex materialistic world and being reborn into a world beyond of just hyper energertic species.

We are just converting energies and rebirth is our destiny.


1. Animal Helpers - ARCHAIC2. Seventh Moon - FIBRE STOMP3. Cockle For A Show - OVERTONEZ4. Believe In The Night - SHIFT5. Speaker Liquor - ANTI SPIN6. Inside The Dollhouse - RABDOM L7. Bump In The Twilight - EARWARM8. Life - PHATMATIX9. Higher Than High - TRYON VS KARMACORP10. Lsday - 2012