Compilation - Hunabku


Compiled by Glin.K and Pirzink.Tzolkin records pleased us with the third compilation called 'Hunabku' which is the center of the universe according to the mayas.
This compilation provides recognition and great admiration for the worldview of our Mayan ancestors being so much important for the label too. A very powerful selection of Portuguese, Mexican and South African artists offered in this compilation and being a so perfect fusion to exploit any dancefloor in the world.

This album is in honor to David Lara a.k.a Pirzink, rest in peace brother soul.


1. Red Hour - XANTRIX 
2. Mind Disastour - A-MUSH 
3. Destroy the objective - FROZEN GHOST, SELECTIVE HEARING 
4. Salvia Divinorum - SYSTEM SEQUENCE 
5. Addiction - X-AVENGER VS Z-CAT 
6. Funk You - STEREOPANIC 
7. Altered State - CNTL ZETA 
8. Windows Error - H1N1 
9. El Senor Mino - IGNITION10. Bafana - (Live mix)SYTOMIC