Compilation - Human Connection


Compiled by Dj SyntechThe human connections are the heart of the existence of humanity, more yet they are the fundamental needs that we humans need to connect ourselves with all of our environment. We create connections with all the alive beings and objects of the universe, generating a map of three-dimensional, an algorythmic fractals, that the complexity of our existence reflects us.
Dj Syntech took charge of the assignment in Sounds of freedom Records to take part, in creating this connection amongst the artist, his elements of work and the audio you listen to. The result was 'Human Connection', a compilation full of excellent musical rhythms mostly originating from our beautiful countrys like, Mexico, Portugal, Serbia, Brazil and Israel.

Are you ready for the connection?


1. Syntax - (rmx)N3XU5 
2. Modern Classics - COMPLEX 
3. Dreamfall - ALVANTI 
4. Human Conection - CREEPER 
5. Poison and integrity - HYPNOTIX 
6. Resentment - (The Capos Live Mix)ALVANTI VS SHADAI AND T.D.R 
8. Inner Melody - AEON PULSE 
9. Subcon Psycense - FREAK BEAT 
10. In withe rooms - (Freaked Frequency and Silver Sun rmx)BOOKA SHADE