Compilation - Hope (CD)


Compilation - Hope (CD) Fluid Audio kick starts it's catalogue with Hope', a compilation sprawling across 13 tracks from established artists, Digitonal, Hol Baumann, Ishq, Bersarin Quartet and James Murray, as well as up and coming producers, Field Rotation, Iambic, Snakestyle, Playb, Halogen and Ben Beiny.

As suggested by its title, Hope', embodies a concept of positivity and the alleviation of strife through the creative translation of emotion into sounds sent to soothe (and) images formed to inspire. Artists were asked to create compositions that reflected their interpretation of the term Hope, producing varied yet cohesive results with a profound resonance.

50% of the profits are donated to Toybox, a charity providing aid, shelter and support for homeless children in Latin America, the majority of which are estimated a life expectancy of around four years on the street.

Coupling all of this with the CD's bespoke artwork and carbon neutral manufacture provides a consumable and tangible product that serves to aid a constructive cause through the medium of music.

The Vision That Enthused All Involved:

Although we are living in a world of injustice - where the rich get richer, while those in need get left behind - there is often an inherent hope in those who suffer the most. Where people have the least they value more, the simple things that others take for granted.

While some are disconnected from the true meaning of life, there are others who appreciate the beauty and awe of the world and what is has to offer. In these souls is a spark of light that no corrupt power can extinguish.

Despite the negativity that we are all faced with in life, the human spirit can always overcome. Whether this is in the innocent laughter of a child, the compassion shown from one suffering human being to another, or through the creative translation of emotion into sound, the joy of life is communicated all around us - we need only be willing to open our hearts to it.

Some Facts: An estimated 40 million children live on the streets of Latin America's densely populated cities (unicef).

Observers from our partner in Guatemala say that street children there have a life expectancy of around four years on the street.

Unicef reported in 2004 that in Guatemala in the first 10 months of 2002, gangs or security forces killed 408 children and youths, but most street children were killed by drive by shootings.

Think About IT!
Style: Ambient
Released: Jun. 2009/26

1. Forever - ISHQ
2. Hopeful - SNAKESTYLE
3. Regenzeit - FIELD ROTATION
4. Fingersand - JAMES MURRAY
5. Turn the seasons - IAMBIC
6. Was uns bleibt - BERSARIN QUARTETT
7. Acoustics of the piano - PLAYB
8. Sunriser - HALOGEN
9. Start Again - BEN BEINY
10. Flags - IAMBIC
11. We Three - DIGITONAL
12. Time to change - HOL BAUMANN
13. A part of you - (Digipak bonus track)BEN BEINY -