Compilation - Healing Zone (CD)


Compilation - Healing Zone (CD) Compiled by ItalAntu Records is proud to present their third cd realese ' Healing Zone ' compiled by Ital, with powerfull healing tracks for the dancefloors all over the world to continue our mission of expansion.
The world is changing, Pacha mama is talking to us and we need to listen urgently, what she is saying in our hearts. The Earth need our power of healing to find the balance between us and our nature. We continue in the way of expansion to show by the art that everything is posible, that every change only depends on us, through our feelings and positive vibrations. So this is the message on Healing Zone, that we have the power to heal the earth, our world and to heal us! We are the Healing Zone in this material world.. and then, we will have our reward. This Time you will find some energetic tracks from big name artist such M-Theory, Tron, Shove, Ital, Labirinto, Hyperion, Telepatic, Pragmatix, Xpiral, Moaiact, Analog drink, Protoactive and Amanito, starting the trip with much Groove, evoling into a deep psychedelic travell, finishing with a fine progresive stuff. We hope to everybody to find their power of Healing in their inside!


1. Free Energy - LABIRINTO2. Mano - M-THEORY VS ITAL3. Breeze - TRON4. Healing Zone - ITAL5. Light Reflex - HYPERION6. Voltarp - MOAIACT7. Bad Corporations - XPIRAL VS AMANITO8. GoaTimes - SHOVE9. Alta Fidelidad - TELEPATIC VS PRAGMATIX10. Make your reality - ANALOG DRINK VS PROTOACTIVE