Compilation - Healing Lights Vol 2


Compiled by Djane Gaby.This new compilation was created to give support the worldwide economic unbalance with special regard to the children without a bright future, in order to help their life to become a little better.
A group of conscious and openhearted artists, in collaboration with Djane Gaby and Sonica Recordings, joined together to give birth to this charitable idea.

They freely offered their own exclusive tracks to create this CD with love and strong hope to collect some profit for supporting international humanitarian organizations working with social outcast children.

May this little step be just an inspiration for all the people, showing how much we are able to change when we step-in together to make a change, with love and with music!


1. Love Tune Intro - HUMAN ELEMENT FEAT. GABY 
2. Cosmic Space Traveller - ETIC 
3. The miracle of our existence - LIFTSHIFT 
4. Plants are talking - AIOASKA 
5. Healing Light - GAIANA 
7. Dual Sight - NERSO 
8. That Summer - PLASMA CORP. 
9. Invisible Landscapes - MINDWAVE 
10. Gates of the unknown territory - HUMAN ELEMENT FEAT. GABY