Compilation - Happy My Life (CD)


Compilation - Happy My Life (CD) 'Party begins with a hardcore track from the owner of Temple Twisters Rec in india. Kerosene Club followed by Mexican dark psy pioneer Kashyyk's Crazy Story transporting you out to Slovakia were Cosmo, the main act from the label Noise Poison strike participating with Hitechnopsycedelic attack.
From the German Hardcore band Limbogott came out the psychedelic unit Ectogasmics with a colaboration from Sweden a dark psychedelic track follows. To end the first half spain gives one of its biggest artists Fraktal Noise from Ibiza.

The second half begins with berlin's Seres Music founder Ankur he is also a bright newcomer to the scene. Stranger one of the best sellers in Greece. Another Great combination between Fullmoon Mondo and Highko in a Versus track. And to close the party one of the highest japanese hopes Gu with Eclipse of Fullmoon Project.'

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/49


1. Shiva Dynamo - Kerosene Club
2. Crazy Story - Kashyyk
3. Rytmic Bahevior - Cosmo
4. Ectoplasma - Ectogasmics
5. Paranoic Disaster - Fraktal Noise
6. Weniger Ist Mehr Mit Mehr - Ankur
7. Night Wanderers - Stranger
8. Berlin - Highko, Mondo
9. May Day - Gu
10. Eclipse - Fullmoon Project