Compilation - Hadracadabra 5 (2CD)


This new release from Hadra Records is the fifth compilation of the Hadracadabra series.Since the birth of the label, these have gathered tracks from artists we had the pleasure to invite at Hadra events. For this special fifth edition, we chose to bring forward the prosperity and diversity of the various musical styles that were represented at our events over the last two years. As well as the wealth of human and audio experiences we had the pleasure to share during that time. This compilation is therefore arranged on a double CD. The first chapter is a fascinating assortment of tracks impregnated by instrumental and electro aesthetics. Situated somewhere between ambient, down tempo, dub and ethno trance, this first CD progressively aims towards a more pacey selection.
The second CD presents more dance-floor orientated tunes and offers a good representation of the diverse influences shaping psytrance today. Progressive, melodic morning, full on and dark psytrance tracks are all ingeniously arranged on this second section, inevitably taking you on a fully immersed audio wander. Thank you again to all the artists who took part in this project. Enjoy! Compiled by Hadra Crew.


1. Alpha Temple - AUMGUY2. Nebula - EKAOLOGIK3. Chaotian - WADHOM4. The Sinister Strangers - B.BRAIN5. Strange Times - KHETZAL6. Dub the step - LAKAY7. Walking Alone - DIGIDEP8. Killers - (Ascender rmx)FUMUJ9. Grenat - DJEMDI10. Area 51 - (Tribalizer rmx)HILIGHT TRIBE11. Cosmic Love - (Biokinetix vs LDB rmx)SECRET VIBES12. Cactus Invasion - FUNKY DRAGON13. High Spirit - EASY RIDERS14. All Nighty - GMS15. Alien Safari - A-TEAM VS LOST AND FOUND16. Stress of nations - MINDCORE17. Al lost something - PSYMMETRIX18. Zorn's Lemma - CUBIC SPLINE19. 9 On 1 - OCCY20. Unplugged Mind - LUNARAVE21. Interaction - D-ROOT