Compilation - Hadra Trance Festival 2012


For the past three year, the Hadra Team has been aiming to release a compilation gathering all the artists performing at the Hadra Trance Festival.
And this year, it is finally happening! This double volume contains fresh unreleased tracks by acclaimed international and local artists who will be performing on the main and alternative stages at this year's festival.

The 'Hadra Trance Festival 2012' compilation is finally being released and is offering you a sneaky preview of this sixth edition!


1. Catch the worlds - SYSYPHE2. Hope - SLEEPING FOREST3. Gayatri - ASTRAL WAVES4. Orfase - MKF (TRIO)5. Night Dub - TOR.MA IN DUB6. Killa Set - B.BRAIN7. Mariutza - SA BAT' MACHINES8. Fire - UZUL9. Nobody's Perfect - DUBMENTALIST10. Partial Impact - DIGIDEP11. Kymonic - FUNKY DRAGON12. Subcero - (Barak rmx)BARAK VS HOLON13. Alien is lost - TWEAKERS14. Boobie Trap - SOUTHWILD15. Artifishal - DIRTY SAFFI16. Unpolarized - WHIPTONGUE17. Dark Romance - LUNARAVE18. Cre-Action - SINE DIE19. Mars Celtics - D-ROOT20. Reflections - PLASMA CORP