Compilation - Grooveydelika Vol 2 (CD)


Compilation - Grooveydelika Vol 2 (CD) Compiled By AeternalMacky Mad House Records are back with another psytrance fullon compilation.
Aeternal presents an album collection of some of his trance friend's artist's and dj's, on this compilation you meet, Dissociactive, Concept, Pragmatix, Stardust, Wizack Twizack, Cosmiculture, Aeternal and Edoardo, Sharigrama, Oblivion, Pantomiman. A deep and melodic groove surrounded by fat, crisp and atmospheric sounds. This album can already be counted as one of the most important releases of the year 2010. A miscellany of tracks to play in the night hours and in the first light of the morning. Aeternal has produced this powerful innovative release orienting it for the big outdoor party. From goa to south america from oceania to europe scratch your mind on the dancefloor... and spread your vibes over the globe!


1. Delta 9 - DISSOCIACTIVE2. Stranger then freaction - CONCEPT3. Ce que vous voulez - PANTOMIMAN4. Io - STARDUST5. The power of now - COSMICULTURE6. Impermanencia - PRAGMATIX7. Let's go crazy - WIZACK TWIZACK8. The Origin - AETERNAL VS EDOARDO9. Ale on acid - SHARIGRAMA10. Nordland - OBLIVION