Compilation - Goaland Vol 2 (CD)


Compilation - Goaland Vol 2 (CD) Compiled by Ethix, Markayn and Timimass.They have deicide to use the power of their friendship in music, here is the result. These exclusive tracks included in this compilation will give you different views of the Goaland Festival 2010 and is a psychedelic trip that lift's you up in an another dimension. All the tunes also contain light grooves that will help to provide you e long sweet journey and for sure no one would ever let it stop. Goaland Festival is one of the most important event made in Italy born to unite nature, respect, music, organizers and listeners. Conceived and designed to F.R.E.A.K.A.D.E.L.I.K. crew and people. Don't miss this historical masterpiece by Mk Records and Solarsiv Records!
It started with a real sensation in the musical underground world of his motherland-Moscow and quickly spread around the UK at the beginning of 2000..! Peace Data is coming out with a new album called 'Infected Washroom' on Arkona Creation Records.

This time he has constructed an astonishingly unique album which stretches through a wealth of styles, without ever losing sight of his own strength in emotive electronics. It's all a big mixture of psygressive, psy-tech, funky, jazzy and very atmospheric sounds filled with ridiculous ideas, mixed with some nice basslines, great percussion and lots of crunchy sounds. Although the concept and inspiration of the Peace Data project is not necessarily the view held by Arkona Creation's philosophy, its unique sound and music is still worth having a big and proper listen to!


1. We Are Saving The Planet2. Dancing Revolution3. Popa Lenina4. Eardrop5. Nasty Things6. Octopus7. Alien Finger8. Malen'kaya Pushistaya Dryan'9. Lovesong


1. Beginning - ANIMATRONICA2. Sunrise - MARKAYN3. Shoreline - IMAGO4. Crazy Soup - 8.10 - GAIATECH5. Suck my dream - OMEGADELTA AND TIMIMASS6. Don't make ton - SUNNY CLOUD7. Acid Version - TIMIMASS8. I dont know - SUBLIMINAL POTION9. Bagn - VAISHIYAS10. Vintage System - TIMIMASS