Compilation - Goa X Vol 10


No other Goa Compilation has reached such Cult Status a 100% exclusive package in a glossy digipak including a 16-page booklet. What more can you ask for?
GOA X Vol 10 leads the way to the latest trends in Psychedelic Trance and GOA and we believe that the year 2012 will be dictated by the progressive end of the spectrum.

This compilation talks driving bass lines, psychedelic sounds capes and classic, uplifting Goa Trance hook lines. This is tried and tested pure euphoria!


1. Experience - COPYCAT 
2. The world has changed - SONIC ENTITY 
3. Chandra - (ManMachine rmx)E-CLIP 
4. Stoli Drops - MINDWAVE AND I-DROP 
5. Journalistic Experience - BLAZED AND KIN 
6. Two kind of people - TWINA 
7. Solang Syndrome - QUANTUM AND E-JEKT 
8. Shadow Walker - RELATIV 
9. The Mystic Dream - LYCTUM