Compilation - Goa Legends Vol 1


Goa Crops Records is proud to present the first volume of an amazing and bombastic GOA Compilation with 18 outstanding tracks of Progressive, Psy and Goatrance.
Goa Legends is a high-quality product featuring 2 full coloured audio CDs holding 9 tracks each!

CD1 features progressive-trance tracks by names such as Liquid Soul, Sunstryk, Ace Ventura, Etic, Sensifeel, Major7, Funky Dragon, Nerso, Minoru and Symphonix.

CD2 features full-on psytrance tracks by names such as Sun Project, GMS and Space Tribe, Atomic Pulse, Timelock, Sesto Sento and Sub6, Cosmic Tone, Dynamic and Melicia, Silent Hill, Soniq Vision and System Nipel and Krunch.

Forget the Goa samplers you heared before, get the freshest and latest music of psychedelic trance!


1. Jolly Roger - (Zen Mechanics rmx)ACE VENTURA AND CAPTAIN HOOK 
2. Hypnotic Energy - (Symphonix rmx)LIQUID SOUL 
3. Hungaryan Fox - SUNSTRYK 
4. Time Shaker - FUNKY DRAGON 
5. Intergalactic Voyage - NERSO 
6. Technical Reasons - ETIC 
7. World of fantasy - (Ski Fi rmx)SENSIFEEL 
8. Unlock - MAJOR7 
9. CU Soon - (Alchemix rmx)MINORU 
10. 3rd Eye - (Atomic Pulse rmx)GMS AND SPACE TRIBE 
12. Metallic Taste - SUN PROJECT 
13. Face to face - SILENT HILL 
14. Toxic - COSMIC TONE 
15. Sound Pixel - SONIQ VISION 
16. Krunchy Nipels - SYSTEM NIPEL AND KRUNCH 
17. You're a freak - SESTO SENTO AND SUB6 
18. Disconnected - TIMELOCK