Compilation - Goa Gil at Burning Man (CD)


A true Professional File, and a royal treat to all Goa graduates...The Burning Man festival has become one of the most important music and art events on the planet.
It's an annual happening held in Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, an event so big it can be viewed from space. In the summer of 1997, Goa Gil was invited to play in the festival, and this album was recorded there. This is Goa Gil's 4th mixed album, and it came out right in the middle of the wild Goa scene.

This CD is now available again, after over 10 years that it was not available and nowhere to be found. In 1998, the release was followed by the legendary classic mix 'Forest of the Saints', that has established Gil's name also in countries like Israel and India, where his fan base is constantly expanding.

Goa Gil has a reputation built through over 30 years in music. He is defined as the father of psychedelic trance and he has become a brand name worldwide. His record includes a total of ten mega mixed albums, including the latest 'Kali Yuga'.

This album is essential. A true Professional File, and a royal treat to all Goa graduates in general, and Goa Gil fans in particular.


1. Amma - THE NOMMOS 
2. Morphing System - BAMBOO FOREST 
3. Four Dimensional - ELIXIR 
4. Twisted Tale - MULTIPLEX 
5. Psystic - TOI DOI 
6. Universal Mind - PSYCHOPOD 
7. Electra - PLEIADIANS 
8. Timelessness - OFORIA 
9. Vertige 2 - ASIA 2001