Compilation - Goa Classics (CD)


Wow this was fun to compile...After suddenly getting backcat license requests for the next Paul Oakenfold Goa mix cd and also old school Goa Trance comps on Sony, Ministry of Sound and others we realised we weren't on our own in appreciation for the early sounds.
Our DJ's are getting booked to play retro Goa sets. Up on chats on facebook etc we discovered that there is a bit of a revival in the early sounds that defined a genre and a lifestyle for hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

And almost no one can compile an album of these early Goa Trance party classics like Tip Records can. These 10 tunes are the real deal. Genre defining classics and great musical nuggets of history. The hard part was keeping it to 10, as we already have a part 2 lined up. We then dug deep to find some old screen printed sleeves, posters, limited edition single art and white labels to use in the artwork.

All packaged up with sleeve notes about the tracks. Highlights are impossible, its 10 highlights.


1. The Law - INFINITY PROJECT2. Sundown - (Ionizer rmx)THE OVERLORDS3. Drop the bomb - VOODOO PEOPLE4. Thru - VOODOOF5. Feeling very weird - INFINITY PROJECT6. Waiting for a new life - TOTAL ECLIPSE7. Mars needs women - DOOF8. Out here we're stoned - (X-Dream rmx)E-RECTION9. Conflict - GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION10. Panic in paradise - X DREAM