Compilation - Global Dub Feeders (CD)


Compilation - Global Dub Feeders (CD) 'Global Dub Feeders' was finalized after a 6 months round the world trip/tour Mighty Fat Records went on at 2007-8. Going on this all around adventure, Oded and Dovev had managed to absorb new energies and have experienced Dub music on all it's sorts all over the globe an experience which further strengthened their Downtempo Dub'n'Lectro Booty Shakin' Beats manifesto.
'Global Dub Feeders' features a lush variety of groovy Dub infused tracks from Australia, England, Germany, Israel, Austria and Denmark.

Hailing from Israel, Mighty Fat Records was formed in 2005 by Dovev Nistor and Oded Keret. The label brings together a fresh mixture of Dub, Reggae, Nu-Jazz, Break Beats, Electro-Psy-Dub and all sorts of groovy Downtempo tunes.

Style: Ambient
Released: Nov. 2008/48

1. Ahoy - Skizzo Franick
2. Bassline Blues (Mighty Phat Dub) - Jellybass
3. Roots Man Party - Laroz, Ranking Levy
4. Boom Boom - Dub Therapy
5. You've Changed - Urijah
6. Real Love - Von Daler, Low Pressure, Natasja
7. Music Is My Mission - Laroz, Brother Culture
8. Dubilon - The Nun Project
9. Soon - Sound Guise
10. Filter - Dub Therapy
11. Goodbye To The City - Dubspeed Killa, Jazz'min
12. Found - Kalabi