Compilation - Genetic Drift (CD)


Compilation - Genetic Drift (CD) Another hotshot from Iono music, this time compiled by greece Label-DJ Nexon. With many years of dj experience, Nexon has developed a perfect feeling to entertain the dancefloor with an appropriate sound in the right moment. On that score its no surprise that he has collected some outstanding tracks from Iono artists like trance-masters Klopfgeister, showing a massive remix of Aqualize's hymn 'Land of 2 suns' or Motion Drive (giving you a foretaste of his upcoming album).

Furthermore DJ Nexon's exquisite track selection includes a mind-blowing Suntree remix of Gaudium's 'One' as well as a brand new track from Egorythmia, just to mention one of Iono's most hopeful artists.

With its pumping progressive beats this energetic music will take the direct way from your open ears down to your feet.

All tracks are carefully selected to ensure the same high level in quality as you can expect from an Iono Music compilation.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Jul. 2009/30

1. Intergalactic Paradise - MARCO AND CADMIUM
2. Dreamcatcher - MOTION DRIVE
3. Good Things - ODISEO VS JISER
4. Land of 2 suns - (Klopfgeister rmx)AQUALIZE
5. Planet of the crossing - AUDIOLOAD
6. One - (Suntree rmx)GAUDIUM
7. Disk on kick - RITREE
8. Past Future Present - EGORYTHMIA
9. High to the sky - INVISIBLE REALITY