Compilation - Genesis (CD)


Compilation - Genesis (CD) Compiled by FadersFrom the beginning of this summer Faders spent every minute hunting down the best tracks the psy scene has to offer. As a result- the Utopia family strikes again - a compilation packed with massive tracks to end this incredible summer and mark the beginning of a new age in the trance scene.
Genesis is the product of highly detailed search after the best and the most promising trance acts available. Names like InterSys, Stereomatic, Audiotec, Sundose, and Freaked Frequency along with new acts such as Soniq Vision, Faders and Prospect, all contributed their last and best work. Finally the compilation is sealed with the newest members of Utopia team - the progressive trance act 3Fingers.

Faders, who's debut album will be released in the beginning of 2010, presents here 9 previously unreleased tracks with all the colors that the psy scene has to offer. Genesis ends this summer with a promise for a stomping fresh beginning.
1. Braek the point - PROSPECT 
2. Heading to the future - STEREOMATIC 
3. World of phantasy - AUDIOTEC VS. FADERS 
4. Supersoniq - SONIQ VISION 
5. U Just Dance - INTERSYS 
6. Controllers - FADERS 
7. Rhythm of the bass - SUNDOSE 
8. Everything seems unreal - FREAKED FREQUENCY 
9. Genesis - 3FINGERS -