Compilation - Galactic Suite (CD)


Compilation - Galactic Suite (CD) Compiled by Zero Gravity Records.Zero Gravity Records from Barcelona is proud to present Galactic Suite, a compilation with 10 fresh tunes produced by some of the most experienced artists in the scene and new talented artists.
The trip will be through a variety of styles like progressive, minimal, full-on even with a spice of darkness and funky feeling... keeping it interesting and psychedelic all the way long.

If you want to travel through the hyperspace reality mental universe get into the Galactic Suite and let you mind flow...


1. Melanice - ELECTRYPNOSE 
2. The 4rth One - INSIDER 
3. Induced - NAUA 
4. Cosmic Mudra - STEREO VISION 
5. Logical Data - TRON 
6. 0G. - CLEAN TRIP 
7. Monsayon - THE DRUIDS 
8. The one just moved - ASIMILON 
9. Ecstassy - HYPNOXOCK 
10. Igziabeher - PROYECTO AJAYU