Compilation - Gaia-Tek 2 (CD)


Compilation - Gaia-Tek 2 (CD) DJ Solaris and Brainwash presents you a new step of the succesfull saga Gaia -Tek collection specialy compiled for the third Fractal Records anniversary. More beautifull and plainly decided to open your ears and eyes to a new reality, princess Gaia is back!

Dj Solaris has discovered a new rising star and very promising artist - Brainwash - who brings here two bombastic unreleased tracks to give you a taste of his upcoming debut album to be released in Fractal Records.

As usual the label allways introduce some special guest. We will find Double R.E.L, Lost and found who needs no introduction... Also friends from the early beginning of the label like Sidhartha, Painkiller, Neuromotor are proudly inside aswell as with new talents like Supercell, Antipath, Akros and of course Mr.Brainwash!

Fractal Records is very happy to give you this new masterpiece, just enjoy it!
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/20

1. Internet Addiction - PAINKILLER, TOXIC 2. Laser Show - BRAINWASH 3. New Forms - LOST AND FOUND 4. Lost - ANTIPATH 5. Please do not disturb - BRAINWASH 6. Blender Bender - DOUBLE R.E.L 7. Dance with the motor - NEUROMOTOR 8. Hypnotic Spell - SIDHARTHA, ALIENN 9. Malfunction - SUPERCELL 10. Progres - AKROS -