Compilation - Funky Town (CD)


Compilation - Funky Town (CD) Compiled by LuccaPointzero Records proudly presents the, new, very long awaited compilation 'Funky Town', compiled by Dj Lukka. Featuring tracks from well-established artists such as Painkiller, Krunch, Quantum and Acid Prophecy as well as Label-artists El-nino, Metaphase, Groove System and Dj Lukka himself, this compilation will grab your attention from start to finish, taking you on a psychedelic journey with it's a fine selection of groovy, funky and powerful beats.
With Pointzero's signature sound, this compilation ensures to satisfy everybody on dancefloors, globally, with it's new, fresh and original offerings.


1. Native - KRUNCH2. Funky Town - GROOVE SYSTEM3. Slash - QUANTUM4. Cloudy - LUKKA VS DJMETAPHASE5. Sense Of Euphoria - MORPHEUS6. New Vision - PAINKILLER7. Inside - EL NINO8. Plasmoon-Chocolate - (Acid Prophecy rmx)ACID PROPHECY9. New Era - NORTH SECTOR