Compilation - Full Service (CD)


Compilation - Full Service (CD) Compiled By Dharma KayaDespite its relatively young age, Blitz Studios is already a very highly regarded label with an ever growing international reputation for top quality exclusive music.
Initially established in Australia in 2007, now semi-based in Russia and operating from all over Europe, this label hardly needs a lengthy introduction, being uniquely one of a kind! Russian born DJ Dharma Kaya who is the labelA s manager - on one hand, and one of the most eccentric DJA s in todayA s psytrance scene - on the other, brings you his latest mega creation of the gargantuan proportions!

This killah new VA titled Full Service consists of the 10 amazing party stompers expertly selected for the charged up and eager minds of the global psytrance community. Loaded with non-stop energy and resonating power Full Service incorporates the absolute best of the current A Russian-Israeli full on soundA. With its exceptional and totally original never-before-presented concept Full Service is sure to cause huge waves of wild astonishment...


1. Electro Factor - LYRIC2. Peaceful Warrior - SULIMA VS FRYING SAMPLES3. Psy Music - Z-MACHINE4. Justice - (Dharma Kaya edit)METAHERTZ AKA ENERGY LOOP VS MONTTI5. Human Surrogates - DELIRIOUS NOON6. Oblivious - (Album Version)SPADE7. The 5th Time - VIBE TRIBE VS ZIKI8. Love, Secrets and God - (Fungus Funk rmxANANDA SHAKE9. Our World - (Artsense vs Dharma Kaya rmx)BLISS10. Artkiller - ARTSENSE