Compilation - French Plaisir 2 (CD)


This is the 2nd chapter of Iono's most successful compilation series.One more time french master mind DJ Drenan has collected 9 previously unreleased tracks for your musical pleasure. You will find deep, soulful and funky vibes that rocks you back and forth while exploring the musical universe Iono Music is well known for. As being one part of trance project Cyklones Drenan has played almost every major festival. And with no doubt he is one of the most experienced Djs. Always bringing the right sound to the right time, he knows how to seperate the unique from the masses of progressive trance tunes. His mixing skills are the same high quality like the tracks he is choosing carefully for his sets. Now he is proving his brilliant taste by presenting this compilation which comes along as a row of fresh names as well as well known artists. This collection will be part of many dj bags for sure.


1. Shining - CYKLONES 
2. Past Present Future - (Inner State rmx)EGORYTHMIA 
3. Wet Inputs - AQUALIZE 
4. Tribute to Fairies - MEANDER AND RIDDEN 
5. Red Dust - (Ectima rmx)PROTONICA 
6. La Cucaracha - SYNESTHETIC 
7. Sonic Manipulation - (Liquid Space rmx)FLEGMA AND NERSO 
8. Unfaceable - BADBUG 
9. Legotech - (Sphera rmx)RITMO