Compilation - French Noise (CD)


Escape Records is proud to present 'French Noise', their second compilation.Ready for takeoff? Turn your speakers on for a 3 stage journey.
Stage A: 3 exclusive tracks combining full on beats and old school atmospheres by the famous French projects Shagma and Life Extension, and the new rising French/Japanese DJ and producer Yurika.

Stage B: The new act Shalys, Dj and member of the collectivity Electrohm, will progressively take you to a groovy and punchy trance. We continue this journey with the latest French revelations. Biokinetix and Mesmerizer will take the commands with moving vibes and efficient rhythms. Their album released in 2009 have already conquered dance floors all over the world.

Stage C: Open your chakras and let yourself carried forward by one of the rising projects of the French scene. Digital Sound Project feat Dj Khali building up the intensity further. Then two sophisticated remixes 'Ignition' by the Belgian duo Ephedrix remixed by French duo XSI and 'Hidden Messages' by Kinesis remixed by Polypheme. Last but not least, you will prepare for landing with the subtle and diverse sound of Kinesis, whose album will be released soon on Geomagnetics Recs.

Ready now? So fasten your seatbelts very very securely! Enjoy the trip!


1. Pure Arabica - SHAGMA 
2. Awake - YURIKA 
3. Existenz - LIFE EXTENSION 
4. Sunrize - SHALYS 
5. Take Control - MESMERIZER 
6. Action Reaction - BIOKINETIX 
7. Mekanick Walk - (Feat. Dj Khali)DIGITAL SOUND PROJECT 
8. Hidden Message - (Polypheme rmx)KINESIS 
9. Ignition - (XSI Rmx)EPHEDRIX 
10. Zero Dimension - KINESIS