Compilation - Free Spirit Vol. 6 - Phosphenes


Free-Spirit Records is like a mango tree in peak season with ripe fruity goodness on every branch and luscious deliciousness in all that it produces. Take as an example their latest offering, the various artists release, Phosphenes, which is pure nectar of the gods. It is Volume 6 in their Free-Spirit Compilations series and brings a mix of offerings from those that you already know and those that you know now. Those you know include, straight out of Switzerland, Braincell kicking into gear from beat one, Ital, with some atmospheric acidity, M-Theory, who will lift you to a great height, drop you, and before you realise it take your even higher than before, whilst don your space suit to travel cosmos-bound fueled by Monastic Squid remixing Rinkadink. The newcomers include Shalys who'll by tune end have you marching towards his destiny, Techyon exploring deep culture and Twelve Sessions with some undeniable dance floor irresistibility. It also features contributions from the low orbiting Crocodile Rangers, Holographic Brain, Omsphere and battling it out. Based in London, Free-Spirit Records is seemingly intent on bringing you all that is new, fresh and tasty from the psy-trancetastic universe.
Compiled by label head amigo Jay OM, Phosphenes is just a further case in point that the orchard is well fertilised.


1. Deep Culture - TECHYON 
2. Psychedelic Eggs - CROCODILE RANGERS 
4. Space Rabbit - M-THEORY 
5. Magic Visions - BRAINCELL 
6. Tribal Dance - ITAL 
7. Open your mind - SHALYS 
8. Eternal Life - HOLOGRAPHIC BRAIN 
9. Blank Monastic Squid rmx - RINKADINK AND GREEN REFAH 
10. The other world - OMSPHERE