Compilation - Free Spirit Vol. 5 (CD)


Compilation - Free Spirit Vol. 5 (CD) 'Mutual Reality' is the 10th release from the Free-Spirit's headquarters and the 4th compilation compiled by Label Manager Jay OM.
The latest offering is an avid, invigorating collection of trance masterpieces ranging in moods from psychedelic to funky, from deep to full-on to sinister tech-trance composed by some of the hottest existing and highly anticipated upcoming trance minds out there today. From musical and mastering geniuses including Journey vs Monastic Squid, The Commercial Hippies Journey RMX, Tron vs Dickster, Braincell, M-Theory, Ital, In Lack Ech, Made On Earth and OM vs Cimi, the music this label has to offer grabs you by the seat of your pants and forces you to wiggle, even when you thought you didn't have a wiggle left in you!

Grab a copy of 'Mutual Reality' today and see for yourself... buckle up for a wild ride through the spectrum of the Psychedelic Trance Wonderland.


1. If you can't stand the heat - (Journey rmx)THE COMMERCIAL HIPPIES 
3. Changing Worlds - M-THEORY 
4. Copal - ITAL 
5. Propaholic - DICKSTER AND TRON 
6. Analog Force - BRAINCELL 
7. Imagination - MADE ON EARTH 
8. Apologies Civilization - IN LAK ECH 
9. Wopping Wops - CIMI