Compilation - Freak the Tune Vol 2 (CD)


Compilation - Freak the Tune Vol 2 (CD) Compiled by DJ Martin No doubt: Summer is the actual season for Trance. From weekend to weekend multicoloured adult playgrounds appear on remote acres like gorgeous blossoms that stretch their exotic petals towards the warm sun. These are the places to be, the places to meet your friends, to have a wicked time together, to forget every day's worries and last but not least: To dance of course!

Freak The Tune 2 represents the perfect soundtrack for these outdoor situations. All the tracks on this varied compilation by DJ Martin from Switzerland truly deserve the attribute Progressive Trance: Phat and driving bass lines, dreamy melodies and very distinct psychedelic moments.

The mood of the music reaches from fluffy stompers to rather fast and pushing tracks without getting hectic or uneasy at any time- just like good Progressive Trance should be!

All together a remarkable selection that one more time proves the very sophisticated approach of Blue Tunes Records.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: May. 2009/20

1. White Nights - SUNTREE
2. Out of the blue - (Ritmo rmx)LIQUID SOUL
3. Multizone - TIME IN MOTION
4. Bunker - RITREE
5. The One - (Visua rmx)S-RANGE
6. Solids and liquids - INFINITY
7. Chemical Illusion - C-JAY
9. Cold Chord - (Human Element rmx)VERTEX