Compilation - Fractal Energy 3 (CD)


Compilation - Fractal Energy 3 (CD) Welcome to the third episode of the legendary saga Fractal Energy.For this chapter, DJ Solaris met the famous artist Neuromotor, to present together an exclusive selection of fractadelic high - tek beat. This compilation gathers the energy of best international special guest like CPU, Hujaboy, Khopat vs Geko, Karmacrop (Sidhartha vs Khopat) who are providing an incredible and complex work in their tracks, once again upgrading the level of the Fractal Energy.
Fractal Records proudly present its new acts, each one with a fresh tune and energetic sound. Freeze from Israel an experienced artist, also a part of the well-known duo act Double R.E.L. HyperActive, is dropping dance-floor bombs since early age, with only 18 years old he is the most promising kid from Mexico. Enforced by two songs of the mythic Neuromotor project (one versus Cosmochaos), a twisted composition from Supercell and the new killer baby from Brainwash, we can?t imagine the impact of this new fractal material. Globally awaited, Fractal Energy 3 has been announced as one of the best Fractal Records Compilation.

The Fractal Energy will never stop..


1. Heart Beat - NEUROMOTOR2. Es Vedra Pirates - CPU3. The Sniper - FREEZE4. Fractal Overdrive - KARMA CROP (SIDHARTHA VS KHOPAT)5. Another World - HYPERACTIVE VS Z3RO6. Ultimate Weapon - KHOPAT VS GEKO7. Peaks - HUJABOY8. Airmass Moving - SUPERCELL9. Boom Shankar - BRAINWASH10. Massive Dynamic - THE PHAT KATZ (NEUROMOTOR VS COSMOCHAOS)