Compilation - Fractal Energy 2 (CD)


Compilation - Fractal Energy 2 (CD) DJ Solaris and Fractal Records come back again with the 5th release! World famous names and promised new artists have fused their force to create once again the and+699;and+700;Fractal Energyand+700;and+700;.
Between night and morning powerful high-tek psychedelic trance, the unique style of Fractal Records based in Switzerland have now an audience and is ready to blast all dancefloors!

Home listeners, party freaks, djand+700;s, and all people know already this fantastic energy will be surprised with this new one. Be ready for the most attentive selection of Dj Solaris.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/48

1. Obsession (Rmx) - Plasmotek
2. Electromagnetic Waves - Menog
3. Lord Of Noise - Neuromotor
4. Seks Machine - Bliss
5. I Will Give You The Future - Brainwash
6. Sonic Beat - Sidhartha, Khopat
7. 5H Countdown - Electrypnose
8. Cosmic Experience - Sidhartha, Random
9. Faith - Supercell